Puma Chalk Ping Pong Table

Puma Chalk Ping Pong Table

The ultimate ping pong table? Perhaps. The Puma Chalk Ping Pong Table ($3,900) is at once the sexiest and most expensive table tennis setup we've ever seen, built with ash wood legs and a unique ceramic chalk top surface that lets you keep score, draw shot pattern reminders, or just goof around with nothing but a piece of chalk. Designed by Aruliden for Puma, the table also offers an open shelf integrated into the table top that acts as storage space for paddles, balls, and other necessary tools, while the silver chain link fence-style finishes off the package. [Thanks, Pedro]

  • Head YouTek Star Series Tennis Racquets

    Prepare for summertime trips to the local racquet club with some new gear. Head YouTek Star Series Tennis Racquets ($180-$250) are the company's latest tournament-ready kit. They feature the same d3o smart material — that changes properties based on the particular shot — as the prior Prestige Pro, as well as new innovations like QuadFace, which extends the stringbed at key points of the frame to help maximize the sweetspot, Control Rings to help reduce string deformation and a new one-piece MultiZone Grip offering special sweat channels and different non-slip surfaces for more secure handling. Plus, they were designed in conjunction with Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi, who totally wasn't on meth while he was working on them.

  • Huntington Base Ball Company

    Handmade by company founder William Peebles, the gloves and balls made by the Huntington Base Ball Company ($35-$650) are throwbacks to the equipment used by 19th century ball players. Peebles based his current designs on detailed examinations of the real balls and gloves of this era, before steroids, multi-million dollar contracts, and stadiums named after corporate giants, making each one a chance to experience the game from a fresh point of view. They make great display pieces to go alongside that moldy vintage card collection. [Thanks, Michael]

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