PureSport Workout & Recovery

PureSport Workout & Recovery

Serious about your workouts? Then grab yourself some Michael Phelps-approved drinks from PureSport Workout & Recovery ($100/one-month supply). These specially-formulated nutritional performance sports drinks eschew the super-sugary standard for mixes containing optimized, balanced nutrition, including an optimal carbohydrate-to-whey protein ration, antioxidants, and no gluten or caffeine. [Thanks, Kevin]

  • Kinesio Tex Tape

    If you happened to see one of Kerri Walsh's beach volleyball matches during the Olympics, you were probably wondering what was on her shoulder. Answer? Kinesio Tex Tape ($15). This special tape applies compression to the skin, offering relief from pain, correcting muscle and joint function, and improving circulation. Whether it's an old sports injury flaring up or a sore ankle from chasing around your kid, Kinesio can help.

  • KY Yours + Mine

    Like your fine scotch and her cosmopolitan, KY Yours + Mine ($16) work great apart and even better together. These unique lubricants come in a two-pack — one for her and one for him — and offer separate sensations for each, causing an "amazing reaction" when combined. Plus, it gives you another excuse to have sex — and that's never a bad thing.

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