Qiyunshan Tree House Hotel

Located at the end of a windy drive in China's Anhui Province, the Qiyunshan Tree House Hotel uses a series of stacked boxes to offer 360-degree views of the surrounding forest. A total of 120 square meters of space is split between eight levels, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an entrance hall, a living room, a viewing area, and a rooftop deck all linked by a central spiral staircase. Stark white walls and wooden plank floors keep the focus on the views, visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows found at the end of each separate volume.

Photos: Chen Hao / Bengo Studio

  • Franklin Mountain House

    Located 800 feet above the city of El Paso, the Franklin Mountain House uses local grey basalt to conceal its lower floors. The bottom floor contains utilities, while the middle floor holds the kitchen, living room, and dining area, and also has access to a patio and the pool via a sliding glass wall. The upper floor holds the bedrooms and a play area for the family, extends perpendicularly beyond the lower levels, and is finished in a white lime stucco, giving the home its signature contrast.

    Photos: Casey Dunn / Hazelbaker Rush

  • VMS House

    Built to accentuate its unusual triangular plot, the VMS House takes advantage of its layout to provide natural light throughout the day. The home's two bedrooms sit off one side to better capture the morning sunlight, while the open kitchen, living, and dining areas receive evening light through their large windows. Above the latter lies a library, reached via a cantilevered staircase made from rusted steel. Structural steel protrudes through the building's facade, providing an interesting contrast with the rough granite that clads the exterior of the ground floor.

    Photos: Antonio Vazquez / Marcos Miguélez

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