Redken For Men Bulk Up Spray

Redken For Men Bulk Up Spray

Sure, back when we were all in high school there was never any worry about lost or thinning hair. Now many of us can't see a single hair in the sink or shower without freaking out. Well, Redken For Men has just the stuff. Bulk Up Thickening Spray ($TBA) is a non-aerosol spray that lifts roots and adds body, fullness and texture to fine or thinning hair. You may not be able to bring back hair that's already gone, but you can make sure you make the most of the hair you have left.

  • Redken Body Up Volumizing Shampoo

    Whether you've had fine hair your whole life or you're just now reaching that time in your life when natural thinning occurs, Redken's Body Up Volumizing Shampoo ($9) is here to help. It cleans and makes your hair fuller without weighing it down. The smell overwhelmed us at first, but then we realized that's because we've been using whatever our mom and girlfriends bought for us over the years — this is a real man's shampoo and smells more like musk than melons.

  • Aveda Control Tape Style Strips

    There’s nothing worse than waking up in a strange bed and then realizing you're already locked into spending today with this woman, but your hair looks like a disgruntled bird’s nest. For those times, Aveda Control Tape Style Strips ($20) are a savior in little orange form. Take a strip out, wet it or your hair, and style to your heart’s content — just try to avoid any style involved with Twisted Sister or Wham!.

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