Do you care, at all, about your work? Then pick up a copy of Rework ($13). Penned by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson of 37signals, makers of Backpack — which we use every day to help write Uncrate — and other fine software products, Rework is filled with to-the-point rules on how to work more efficiently and be successful, with prose that's as succinct and direct as the rules themselves. No jargon, no bullshit, just great advice from a couple of the web's smartest guys. A must read.

  • The Zombie Combat Manual

    We all know how to take down a horde of the undead with a trusty sawed-off shotgun, but what do you do when you run out of ammo? The Zombie Combat Manual ($10) can tell you. Penned by Roger Ma, the man behind hand-to-hand combat group the Zombie Combat Club, this 300+ page manual trains you in both melee and improvised weapon techniques that will help keep you, your loved ones, and your brains intact during the next outbreak.

  • Curves of Steel

    As many long-time Uncrate readers already know, we have an affinity for sharp-looking automotive photography — and Curves of Steel ($50) is full of it. This 192-page hardbound tome features stunning images of some of the world's most streamlined autos, all painstakingly made by photographer Michael Furman. A total of 22 cars are featured within, all with a description of the car's history and its designer.

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