Rishpon Art House

Inspired by a passion for art, the Rishpon Art House is a residential gallery. The home sits as a pair of concrete volumes, rectangular in form and connected by a glazed breezeway. The exterior material continues into the inside for a minimalist pallet of exposed cement and blank white walls, creating a gallery aesthetic to display the owner's extensive art collection. Large glazed openings at the rear of both structures provide access to the outdoor swimming pool, while also affording views of the private courtyard.

Photos: Amit Geron / de Lange Designs

  • Inverted Pyramid House

    Balancing on a rural hillside in the Spanish region of Matarraña, the Inverted Pyramid House seems to defy the laws of gravity. Like the exterior, the inside doesn't follow traditional design. Rather than walls and stories, the interior consists of multiple staircases connecting a series of cantilevered platforms — each one housing a different function. More private areas are located in the upper mezzanines, overlooking the communal living spaces below. Earlier renderings see an outdoor pool mimicking the structure's geometric form, while current plans show a centrally located pool with direct passages to the three bedrooms.

    Photos: Solo Homes

  • Hawk's Nest

    Perched on a cliffside overlooking the Potomac River, the Hawk's Nest makes its home in an abandoned limestone quarry. The structure consists of a glass and steel volume balancing on a pair of concrete pedestals — flanking a sheltered courtyard. Other than acting as just a foundation, these two pillars are also functional, housing a studio in one and an entry staircase in the other. A linear layout allows every room to take advantage of the floor-to-ceiling glazing, affording views of the West Virginia landscape throughout the entirety of the interior.

    Photos: Anice Hoachlander / Wiedemann Architects

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