Rose House

Set high up in the Ukranian mountains, the Rose House is named for the patina of its weathered steel facade. The guesthouse is otherwise comprised of concrete and glass, with an artificial reflecting pool giving water equal prominence. Inside, the layout is fairly open, with a single bedroom, one and a half baths, and a combination living and dining area. The large floor-to-ceiling windows allow for natural lighting throughout the day, and three separate outdoor spaces help complete the seamless transition from indoors to out.

Photos: Makhno Workshop

  • Solar Egg Sauna

    Located in Kiruna, Sweden's northernmost town — a village undergoing enormous change due to the needs of its economically-essential iron mining industry — the Solar Egg Sauna is meant to be a meeting place for townsfolk to discuss the future. It's clad in stainless golden mirror sheeting, with a multi-faceted form that lets it reflect all the elements that make up the town, like the land, mine, buildings, sky, sun, and snow. The interior is made of wood with pine panels for the walls and floor, a bench made from aspen, and a custom-made oven in the middle crafted from iron and stone.

    Photos: Jean-Baptiste Béranger / Bigert & Bergström

  • Gapahuk Prefab Cabin

    Named after the Norwegian word for a simple shelter, the Gapahuk Prefab Cabin uses its twisting roof to adapt to nearly any site. The cabin is built to maximize social area, with the large open kitchen, living, and dining space taking up the bulk of the 100 square meter layout. Three bedrooms, a bathroom, and storage comprise the rest of the enclosed area, while an overhang in one corner creates a large patio. The roof design is also solar-friendly for off-grid installations, and the simple wooden structure and cladding allow materials to be locally sourced.

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