Rowenta Jasper Morrison Toaster

Rowenta Jasper Morrison Toaster

Can’t tell if it’s a toaster or a big white plastic brick? Good — that’s part of the charm. The Rowenta Jasper Morrison Toaster ($135) features an übermodern design, cord storage, and a photo sensor that keeps an eye on the toast, ensuring an even, consistent level of browning even when switching breads. Kind of amazing out of something that looks like an overgrown Chicklet.

  • Sharp R-426Hs Microwave

    It's kind of sad that we know things like this, but there really hasn't been a well designed microwave in a while. The Sharp R-426Hs ($140) is the first we've seen that we would actually want to see in our kitchen every day. The family-size, 1200-watt microwave has a sleek brushed stainless steel exterior with a hidden control panel located behind its door. The microwave has 9 sensor settings, popcorn sensor, Instant Action keys, a 5-option defrost feature, and a Keep Warm Plus feature that keeps food hot up to 30 minutes after cooking is done.

  • Toothpick Man

    When you need to dig out remnants from dinner quickly, you'll want a guy like this around. Toothpick Man ($8) will grab you a toothpick whenever you need him to. No questions asked. Well, he may ask for more toothpicks one day. And maybe a Toothpick Woman. So they can make baby toothpicks together.

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