Rungu Juggernaut Bike

Whether you're getting ready for a summer spent hitting the beaches and dunes, or just dealing with a commute as the last bits of snow continue to stubbornly fall, the Rungu Juggernaut Bike can handle it all. This isn't just any fat tire bike — it's a trike, with dual forks in the front mounted with one 26-inch wheel and a 4.7-inch tire each. An aluminum frame keeps the weight down in spite of the extra metal needed to support that additional wheel, while low gearing helps you conquer some of the most difficult terrain. Hydraulic rear brakes and dual front disk brakes give you incredible stopping power, letting you bomb down snowy hills without fear. And if (even with all its features) you're still worried about powering this beast, it includes e-bike kit mounts for transforming it into an electric vehicle.

  • Feddz Electric Bike

    In case you haven't noticed, one of the huge advantages to electric vehicles is the extra room created by removing the gas tank and motor from the equation. Few vehicles take advantage of this space like the Feddz Electric Bike. Shaped like a motorcycle, it uses the space left behind to provide 23 liters of cargo space, with two belts on either side for keeping things secure and a USB port for charging your phone or gadgets. Add in the removable battery that lets you charge the bike in your flat and a range of 70-110 km, and you've got one smart urban machine.

  • Shelfie Bike Mount

    For those of you who live or work in a small space, finding enough room to store all your stuff is really a way of life — and if you ride a bike, it makes your storage woes that much worse. But with the Shelfie Bike Mount, you can free up just a bit of room by hanging your your bike out of the way on the wall. Unlike most bike mounts that go through the frame of your bike, potentially getting tangled in cables, with the Shelfie you can hang your bike from its seat. A built-in cubby gives you space for a helmet or other small biking gear.

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