Safe House

During the day, the Safe House looks like any modern residence — a cube structure with loads of glazing — but at night it transforms into a concrete fortress. Like something taken straight from The Purge, the home is surrounded by a solid barrier that also transforms into a holding pen for guests before they're granted entrance. All windows are protected by movable shutters, while the south wall is concealed by a roll-down gate which also doubles as a projection screen. When it's safe enough for a swim, the pool pavilion is accessed by an electronic drawbridge.

Photos: KWK Promes

  • Micro House

    At just 430 square feet, the Micro House packs big design in a tiny frame. The home comfortably holds a bathroom, sleeping area, kitchen, dining table, living room, loft, and even some storage space, while a basement — accessed by a hatch door in the floor — adds extra storage and a laundry room. Clean design paired with a bright pallet comprised of local maple floors, birch plywood, and white walls gives the small interior a spacious quality. Although space is limited, views are not. A series of windows gives each area a sense of separation by framing in a unique aspect of the landscape, with the main focus being the Camel's Hump mountain in the distance.

    Photos: Jim Westphalen / Elizabeth Herrmann

  • Ypsilon House

    Set among the olive trees on the Peloponnese peninsula, the Ypsilon House uses its typographic form to merge with its remote landscape. The domed roof expands the terrain up, allowing for access to views of the nearby Schiza and Sapientza islands, while its Y-shape divides the exterior into three courtyards. Separated by private and common areas, the interior consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, and dining area. The main living space features a large south-facing glazed door that frames in views of the nearby coast, also offering passage to the outdoor pool.

    Photos: NARRO / Lassa Architects

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