Samsung Gear Fit

So far, most smartwatch-style devices have been either fitness- or productivity-focused. The Samsung Gear Fit is the first to be both. Dominated by a 1.84-inch curved AMOLED screen, this dust- and water-resistant wearable companion offers a pedometer, movement tracking, heart rate and sleep monitoring, a stopwatch, and a timer, and connects to your phone via Bluetooth LE, giving you text, call, email, and app notifications, as well as letting you control your music without reaching into your pocket.

  • Void Sond Watch

    Watch bands are generally at their worst an afterthought and at best designed around how they can compliment a watch's face. The band of the Void Sond Watch is actually part of the face. Injection molded in one single piece, this stylish digital timepiece boasts a locking mechanism that uses the watch itself to secure the nylon band. Just three components — the case, the band, and the fitting loops — are involved, but since each one is available in eight colors, over 500 combinations are possible. As for us, we'll stick to the simple solid grey.

  • Slow Watches

    No, it's not literally slow — otherwise it wouldn't be much of a timepiece. Then again, the single hands of Slow Watches do move slower than usual. But there's a good reason for that: these novel watches use a single hand that rotates around a full 24-hour dial, with indexes marking every 15 minutes. Whether that causes you to speed up or slow down depends on your temperament, but no matter what, you rest assured the Swiss Made Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT movement will keep the correct time.

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