Samsung Wireless ICE Refrigerator

Samsung Wireless ICE Refrigerator

The kitchen is the hub of every home, so it makes sense to have a central message center like the one on the Samsung Wireless ICE Refrigerator ($3,500). The 26.1 cubic foot refrigerator features a detachable 10.4-inch wireless TFT touch-sensitive LCD Pad with a digital calendar, scheduler, and memo pad. The refrigerator, which has a built-in sound system and digital AM/FM radio, can also be set to remember expiration dates and can generate on-screen alerts when that bacon is too old to eat. In addition, the LCD Pad can connect wirelessly to your entertainment system, letting you watch movies from the kitchen table.

  • Be Open Bottle Opener

    If your Holiday gatherings are anything like ours, you'll be opening more than "a few" brews here in the coming weeks, and this little gadget can make that a whole lot easier. The Be Open Bottle Opener ($10-$25) makes opening twist-top or standard bottles a breeze with a simple push down of the opener. Sure, it's not going to make them taste any better, but at least you can look slick doing it.

  • Melitta Smart Mill & Brew

    You'll never look at coffee the same way again after you fire up the Melitta Smart Mill & Brew ($250) for the first time. This 10-cup coffee maker, besides being able to grind fresh beans to a variety of settings just before brewing, can also give you the weather forecast through its backlit LCD screen. This weather info, updated constantly, is provided through MSN Direct technology which picks up data through unused FM radio waves in many major cities.

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