Samuel Adams Utopias Cigar

Chances are, if you consider yourself a beer-lover, you've heard of Samuel Adams Utopias — if not, we'll give you a minute to catch up. This beer — meant to be served at room temperature and rated at about 28 percent alcohol by volume — is not for the faint of heart. And if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of these coveted, limited bottles, there's no better complement to it than a Samuel Adams Utopias Cigar ($34). Seasoned in Utopias beer, these cigars draw rich nutty and fruit notes from the beer that combine nicely with the smooth, spicy taste of the tobacco. They're only available this November and December, so grab yours while they last.

  • Combat Humidor

    Ever see one of those war movies where the battle's either finished or inevitability going to end in fatal defeat, leaving the heroes nothing to do but smoke a stogie? Pretend you're one of them with the Combat Humidor ($50). Crafted from M13 7.62x51 linked ammo cans, these portable humidors have been lined with Spanish cedar and create an airtight environment to keep your cigars in great conditions even on extended missions, whether they be into enemy territory or simply around 18 holes.

  • Stiff Pipe

    If you're going to smoke, you might as well make it count. That's the idea behind the Stiff Pipe ($800). The world's first plastic pipe cast in a single piece, the Stiff is designed to be displayed instead of hidden away, with classy colorways and a subtle sheen. The design also allows for a better draught through the pipe, making your tobacco taste that much better. [via]

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