Scissor Spiders

Scissor Spiders

Handmade from scissors confiscated by airport security, Scissor Spiders ($250) are some of the meanest-looking cubicle candy we've seen in a while. Measuring six-inches across and nine inches across, respectively, these metal menaces will have your vinyl toys running for cover. [Thanks, Christopher]

  • The ISIS

    Part Rubik's Cube, part hieroglyphics, The ISIS ($200) has been called "the most difficult puzzle ever." Each handcrafted aluminum orb features a unique set of etched hieroglyphics which must be positioned — using 10 encrypted clues as a guide — in the right combination to unlock the ISIS. Once unlocked, the ISIS offers you access to the Award Zone, with the chance to win thousands in prizes.

  • Wobble Chess Set

    While it might not be as lively as the real-life wizard's chess from Harry Potter, the Wobble Chess Set ($265) is sure to add a little life to the motionless game of chess. Designed by Adin Mumma and made from walnut, the concave board helps the Weeble-like pieces stabilize in their spots, allowing for more interaction between the board and the pieces. Checkmate.

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