Scotts MLB Authentic Collection Grass Seed

Scotts MLB Authentic Collection Grass Seed

Love it or hate it, there's one thing about Major League Baseball we can all agree on: their groundskeeping is spectacular. The Scotts MLB Authentic Collection ($22/bag) aims to bring the lush grass of America's favorite ballparks to your own lawn, by providing you with actual grass seed varieties used at venues like Wringley Field, Fenway Park, and Great American Ball Park. For the sake of your neighbors, don't go overboard though — no one wants to see you spitting sunflower seeds out of a front yard dugout/bunker.

  • Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit

    Finding yourself stranded in the great outdoors is one thing; being stranded with no warmth is quite another. The Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit ($20) keeps your ass covered with rayon-made, water-resistant waxed tinder sticks to get things going and a reliable flint-wheel lighter, all packed into a water-resistant, safety-orange metal case that's easy to pack with you. Because let's face it: We're not all Bear Grylls.

  • Eton Scorpion

    Like a technological Swiss Army Knife, the Eton Scorpion ($50) is an all-in-one digital solution. Built into its small, rugged chassis is an aluminum carabiner clip, digital AM/FM radio tuner with NOAA Weatherband support, a speaker with audio line input, a headphone jack, a LED flashlight, and an USB charging port, all of which can be powered by a traditional DC connection, the built-in solar panel, or the built-in hand crank — you know, in case the fallout is blocking the sun.

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