Whether you write novels, take notes, or make grocery lists, the modern writer needs an app that just gets out of the way and makes writing less painful and more fun. After getting tired of the numbing options available, one Uncrate editor decided to just build the thing himself. Scribe ($3), a universal app for the iPad and iPhone, gives you a clutter-free writing environment, with an awesome monospaced font, and super-easy HTML support to brainlessly markup your prose for web stuff. Oh, and it syncs with Dropbox and iCloud too. It's what we use to write Uncrate when we go iPad-only on the road. Plus, there's at least a 93% chance you're getting an iPad on Sunday. So Scribe will be right here, waiting on you.

  • Mixel

    Not every app has to be productive. Mixel frees you from the need to do actual work, instead letting you create collages and amateur artwork, share them with your friends, and remix other people's creations to your own liking. It's like a giant, online, collaborative art experiment, or a "social art app," as the creators say. But really, you just need to try it — and since it's free, that shouldn't be a problem.

  • Square Card Case

    The march towards a sadly wallet-less future continues with Square Card Case (Free). This iOS/Android app ties in with Square's already-excellent mobile payment service, letting you use your name to pay at local spots using the company's system, and letting you create tabs at the establishments, which automatically open upon your arrival so the workers will know who you are and even what you usually order, giving you instant "regular" status. Oh, and did we mention you never even have to take your phone out of your pocket? Yeah. "Just put it on Uncrate."

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