Scrimshaw Knife Kit

Make your next pocket folder truly your own with the Scrimshaw Knife Kit. Based on the early American art form perfected by whalers out at sea who carved into the bones and teeth of whales, this kit comes with everything you need to scrimshaw an image into the handle of your knife. The kit comes with either a lock-back or trapper style knife, each with a bone handle ready for your artwork. It includes a steel point scribe, india ink, a bamboo tracing tool, carbon paper, steel wool, and sample pictures with instructions for carving. Whether you choose a classic aquatic-inspired sketch or your own initials, no other knife will be quite like yours.

  • Emerson Multitasker EDC Multi-Tool

    You never know when a situation will call for more than just your average pocket folding knife, and it's always better to come prepared than wish you had. The Emerson Multitasker EDC Multi-Tool ($185) is built with your every day carry in mind, so you'll never be caught wishing you'd packed something more substantial. It features a three-inch blade, phillips and standard screwdrivers, a punch, and more, all packed into an under seven-inch handle that weighs less than a half pound. An additional clip-on tool includes wrenches of various sizes, pry bars, scrapers, and a bottle opener.

  • Svord Peasant Knife

    When you're looking for a simple folder to carry in your pocket every day — something with a no-frills design, a sharp, well-made blade, and a mechanism that opens easily — you need a Svord Peasant Knife ($19). An extended tang means you can open the three-inch New Zealand tool-grade carbon steel blade easily with just one hand, while also functioning to keep the knife open while you hold it. Each one is hand made and, while we prefer the classic look of the wooden handle, is available in a range of colored polypropylene handles. Use it as your go-to carry piece, or for fine and rough work around the shop or your home.

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