Part bike, part moped, the Scrooser is more than a frame and fat tires. It uses a battery-powered motor to augment your muscle power, letting you hit speeds up to 15.5 mph while constantly analyzing your movements and adjusting accordingly. Hydraulic disc brakes ensure you can stop safely, LED lights keep you visible in traffic, and a display in the middle of the metal handlebars keeps you abreast of battery levels, your speed, and driving mode. Made in Germany, it's available in multiple power levels, road legal and non-road legal versions, and in a multitude of colors, each developed to highlight the strikingly minimal design.

  • Bell FCX-001 Helicopter

    Inspired by the concept vehicles on display at every major auto show, the Bell FCX-001 Helicopter offers a glimpse into the future of aviation. The craft's airframe is made from sustainable materials that maximize strength while providing plenty of cabin room. Its morphing rotor blades boost efficiency and performance while reducing noise, a hybrid propulsion system promises simpler operation and maintenance, and the augmented reality control system does away with traditional mechanical controls with the help of artificial intelligence. It also shares something else with most concept cars: it's unlikely to hit the market anytime soon.

  • Apollo 70 Airstream Bar

    A well-appointed bar can be the centerpiece of any adult gathering. For outdoor engagements, it's hard to top the Apollo 70 Airstream Bar. This converted 1970s-era Land Yacht now serves as a transportable bar offering both hot and cold catering facilities and storage for a vast array of beers, wines, and liquors. It comes fully staffed, has a high-end surround sound system with satellite TV for media-focused events, and the fiber optic ceiling and lighting can be changed to match your brand, taste, or mood. Available for hire worldwide.

    Photos: Tim Wallace / Apollo 70

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