Sea Bright House

Steps away from the beach on the Jersey Shore, the Sea Bright House uses its offset layout to capture the best ocean views. The structure itself is made from a series of staggered cubes, separating the home into different areas — private, shared, and passage. Due to zoning constraints, the main living area sits above the first floor bedrooms, allowing for the water to be seen through the upper level's double-height windows. This glazing also opens out to one of three outdoor terraces created by the home's abstract form, each at varying heights with their own unique views of the costal landscape.

Photos: Gregory Maka / Jeff Jordan Architects

  • Portage Bay House

    Overlooking the water in Seattle, the Portage Bay House takes inspiration from the city's maritime heritage. The exterior is clad in zinc and aluminum, a nod to the local industrial marine sheds found in the area. In contrast, the interior hosts a warmer palette created by a combination of cedar and walnut planks, accompanied by accents of flagstone, marble, and steel. While the front of the home is hidden inside its opaque shell, the rear is made of a transparent facade, allowing for views of Portage Bay and the Cascade Mountains.

    Photos: Aaron Leitz / Heliotrope Architects

  • Lonna Sauna

    On a small island just off the coast of Helsinki, the Lonna Sauna is restoring a sacred Finnish tradition. The building is constructed from handcrafted logs that were left unfinished, reminiscent of Finland's traditional saunas. In contrast, the sculpted zinc roof creates a contemporary form. Along with the warmth of the wood-burning stove, large windows allow in views of both the cityscape and open sea for a relaxing atmosphere to detox both your mind and body.

    Photos: Jussi Tiainen / OOPEAA

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