Sharps Happy Me All Over Soap

Sharps Happy Me All Over Soap

While our sig. others like us to use soaps like "peach blossom" and "deep exfoliation," we've been secretly plotting our coup against their evil, flowery regime. Fight back yourself with Sharps Happy Me All Over Soap ($7). While it does "exfoliate, nourish, and moisturize," we're pretty sure that you won't come away smelling like you spent the day in a garden. Buy two so you can invite your current bathroom oppressor to join in the fun.

  • MenScience Advanced Lip Protection

    Admit it — at some point we’ve all had to use our significant other’s colorful, tasty lip balm before — and it’s not cool. A more manly solution is Advanced Lip Protection from MenScience ($11). Based on a multifunctional formula, this ‘stick will help protect and condition your puckers while keeping them safe from the sun with SPF 30 protection. Just think, you’ll never taste like “Very Cherry” again.

  • Zeno Acne Zapper

    We've all had a mountainous zit appear the day before a big meeting, event, or date. Now you don't have to let it hold you back, at least if you've got the Zeno Acne Zapper from Tyrell ($225). It uses ClearPoint technology that delivers just the right amount of heat to zap the bacteria causing the zit away. It takes several two and a half minute treatments over the course of at least 12 hours, but it beats the alternative of having your date stare at a filthy pus machine throughout dinner. [via UberGizmo]

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