Sheer Kitchen

Sheer Kitchen

The Sheer Kitchen ($TBA) is an fully-functioning kitchen enclosed in a Vader-esque sphere. The bottom half is made of carbon fiber and sports a double sink, four burners, three bottle coolers, a retractable table and trolleys. The upper half functions as a lamp when closed, giving off a soft, ambient light, and when open pulls double duty as both an aspirator and lamp. Paired with a wall unit designed to hold the appliances as well as provide cabinet space, storage, and extra seating, the Sheer Kitchen is a complete modern cooking solution. [via]

  • Endo Clip

    The problem with kitchen magnets has always been the moving parts — the little springs and clasps that eventually break under the weight of too many delivery coupons. The Endo Clip ($10/3 Pack) fixes this by using a strong magnet with a "springy clippy action" that allows it to act like a clip with no moving parts. It holds up to a pound and comes in three colors, with three more coming soon. Take that, endless stacks of Pizza Hut ads.

  • Mr. Frank Hot Dog Broiler

    Get that carnie hot dog feel at home with the Mr. Frank Hot Dog Broiler ($760). This commercial-quality broiler sports a heating unit that can hold 48 hot dogs, is easy to operate and clean up, and can broil up to 150 dogs per hour. A bun warmer attached to the broiler keeps 36 buns warm and toasty for the taking.

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