Shore House

Connecticut is a rare place where the forest runs right into the sea. The Shore House is situated right in the middle to take advantage of both. A sunken stairway leads to the entryway of the home, also providing privacy for the glazed ground level. These glass panels flood the interior with natural light while also affording views of the neighboring bay. A charred cedar structure sits cantilevered on a concrete hearth, creating an elevated second story to house the bedrooms and providing a covered terrace below. Fitted with sliding doors, these intimate spaces open out to an elevated deck allowing for a prime space to gaze at the horizon beyond.

Photos: Scott Frances / Leroy Street Studio

  • Midnight Stars House

    On an isolated cliffside on the Greek island of Corfu, the Midnight Stars House is a contemporary refurbishment of a former summer home. Composed of two staggered volumes, the continuous arch pattern and monochromatic facade work together to pay homage to the vernacular architecture of the region. White plastered floors and walls on the interior pair with curved ceilings and mirrored finishes to give the previously traditional elements a modern revision. Covered terraces line a concrete patio and lap pool, allowing for undisrupted daytime views of the surrounding olive groves and the Ionian Sea below. At night, the secluded setting highlights overhead scenery created by the evening sky.

    Photos: 314 Architecture Studio

  • Gemma Observatory

    Sitting on a foundation of granite bedrock in central New Hampshire, the Gemma Observatory ditches the traditional dome model for a more geometric form. The private observatory mimics its surrounding landscape, expanding upon its rocky terrain with its angular design and gray facade, established by a lock-seamed zinc siding. In contrast to the stone-like exterior, the inside carries a warm palette created with a fir plywood lining. The ground floor offers a haven for rest and research, while a spiral staircase leads to an exterior observation platform. The top level houses the main astronomical viewing tower. A sliding door exposes the telescope to the night sky where views of Polaris can be seen.

    Photos: Anmahian Winton Architects

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