Skid Wooden Chef Knife

With a body of wood that's seamlessly married to an extremely sharp blade, the Skid Wooden Chef Knife elevates this essential kitchen tool to the level of functional art. Each body is made from a single block of sustainably-sourced Robina wood, rich in tannins that give it natural self-cleaning and antibacterial properties — just a rinse is all that's needed for cleaning. The 7.5-inch blade is made in Germany from high-alloyed carbon steel, and is connected with the body/handle using a proprietary method. It's finished by hand and designed to last a lifetime.

  • Fourneau Bread Oven

    There's nothing quite like fresh-baked bread. Enjoy the smells, flavors, and perfect crunch of bakery bread at home with the Fourneau Bread Oven. It's designed to slide right into your existing oven, with cast iron walls that heat your dough evenly and a front cover that traps the steam, leading to the aforementioned crispy crust. Made in the USA by Strand Design, it comes with a recipe book and a solid maple peel for sliding in everything from baguettes to flatbread pizzas.

  • Spinn Coffee Maker

    Using patented centrifugal brewing technology and an integrated grinder, the Spinn Coffee Maker can make everything from a cup of espresso to a full carafe of coffee with the utmost freshness. Thanks to the aforementioned grinder and built-in water filter, there's no mess to clean up aside from the spent grounds. It's also Internet-savvy, so it'll automatically order more beans from your list when it's running low, and with Alexa integration, you can make your next cup using nothing more than your voice.

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