Smart Rope

It's tough to beat the calorie burn from jumping rope, and now you can train and track at the same time. Tangram's Smart Rope combines form and function with comfortable 45 degree angled handles to help make this age old workout interesting. Sure, there are other smart ropes out there that provide tracking, but none of them have a strand of bright white LEDs that you can view while you jump. View your jump count, calories burned, or the duration of your workout as the rope swings in front of you. When you're done, the data is all transmitted via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone. The only thing you have to supply is some sweat and an epic workout montage soundtrack.

  • Arcaboard

    The latest wave of hoverboards to hit the market are cool, but each one requires a conductive surface to work. The Arcaboard works everywhere. Lifted above the ground with 36 high power electric fans, its thrust is strong enough to handle up to 240 pounds. Ride with the built in stabilization system using your smartphone, or do your best Marty McFly impression and control it with your body. It's one step closer to the full realization of a technology we've all been dreaming about for decades.

  • Spalding x Reigning Champ One For One Basketball

    Get a gift for yourself this holiday while helping out kids in need with the Spalding x Reigning Champ One For One Basketball. This custom black with white speck ball is based on one of Spalding's indoor/outdoor models, is official NBA regulation size, offers a durable rubber cover, and comes with a custom RC-branded mesh carrying bag. But more importantly, for each one sold, Reigning Champ is donating a second ball to a community sports program somewhere in North America, making it feel that much better when you're using yours to dominate the court.

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