Speedblend Ruffy Tuffy Tire

Speedblend Ruffy Tuffy Tire

If your plain-jane 10 speed just isn't doing it for you, try adding a splash of color with the Speedblend Ruffy Tuffy Tire ($30). Its unique placement of colors around the sidewall cause the observed color to change constantly while you're rolling down the street, and its nylon construction will keep you on the road in gravel, on rough paths, or just on a long trip. [Thanks, Wade]

  • 118 Wallypower Yacht

    Every once in a while we'll come across something that is so damn cool we can't help but tell you about it — no matter how much it costs. This is one of those items. The 118 Wallypower from Wally (starting at $16.55 million) is the coolest boat we've ever seen that wasn't flying a skull and crossbones. The high-performance superyacht features a master bedroom, two guest rooms, a professional kitchen, and a huge dining/seating area. It's 118 feet long, and boasts over 16,000 horsepower for speeds up to 70 mph. Do we really need to say more? [Thanks, Kristiano]

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