Split Spade Cards

Split Spade Cards

While playing cards had nothing to do with David Blaine's amazing breath-holding stunt, we feel like we owe him a little bit of coverage for the 17 minutes and 4 seconds of record-breaking entertainment he provided us yesterday. Designed by Mr. Blaine himself (along with a couple other magic experts), the Split Spade Cards ($7) are as smooth and mysterious as he is with a perfect finish featuring two-way images and hidden text.

  • Bauhaus Chessmen

    True to Bauhaus tradition, Josef Hartwig's Bauhaus Chessmen ($450) show a form follows function approach to chess design with simple, solid maple pieces whose shapes reflect the moves each is allowed to make. The gorgeous 32-piece set comes packaged in a beech wood case that includes instructions and a history of the design. Part of MoMA's permanent collection, you might want to grab the matching Bauhaus Chess Board ($300) if you're thinking of picking up a set.

  • BrickArms

    If there's one lame thing about Legos, it's the lack of firearms. Luckily, BrickArms is here to fill the void. The online store creates and sells Lego weapons ($1) and custom minifigs ($10-$15). You can get everything from an UZI to an RPG Rocket Grenade, and anyone from Bond to an Arab terrorist. All of the BrickArms toys are designed used professional CAD tools and are made with Lego-approved ABS plastic. [via]

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