Spy Bolt

Have something small — cash, microfilm, an SD card loaded with private videos — that you want kept safe and out-of-sight? Hide it in plain view with the Spy Bolt. Based on Soviet KGB hollow bolts, this handy gadget features a secret storage compartment that's nearly half and inch in diameter and almost three inches long, offering plenty of room for covert communications. And should the bolt find its way outside, you rest assured that the contents are safe, thanks to an O-ring seal around the top.

  • LaMetric Smart Ticker

    Bring a little piece of the Internet into your real-world living space with the LaMetric Smart Ticker. This nifty little gadget sports a slim, sleek build, a speaker for letting you know when it's updated, and a face that's dominated by an 8x8 pixel logo and a 29x8 pixel white information screen. What goes on that screen? Pretty much anything you want. Thanks to a built-in Wi-Fi connection and a nifty companion app, you can display anything from the weather or time — how boring — to countdown tickers, fitness metrics, facebook likes, stock prices, email subjects, live PayPal balances — you get the picture. And thanks to a trio of buttons on the top, you can tap your way through a few options if you get tired of seeing how many people didn't like your last Facebook post.

  • Google Cardboard VR Headset

    Let's face it: as cool as the Oculus Rift is, its limited utility makes it a tough sell for the price. But what if there was a way to make a VR headset for just a few dollars? Well, that's exactly the idea behind the Google Cardboard VR Headset. Using nothing but cardboard, a couple of lenses, a couple magnets, velcro, a rubber band, an app, and some very simple instructions, you can transform your Android handset into a full-on VR viewer, provided you don't mind having a piece of cardboard hanging off your head as you "ooh" and "aah" your way through the available demos.

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