Squid Whisk

Squid Whisk

If you're a seafood lover (or are a weird cephalopod fan) then perhaps this is the whisk for you. The calamari-inspired Squid Whisk ($20) was designed by Laurent Mouveau in France, and features a great colored handle with a unique curled wire design at the bottom as opposed to the normal "loop" design.

  • The Overboard

    A nice, big cutting surface is a must for anyone looking to get into cooking, but unfortunately the offerings you'll find at most kitchen stores are overpriced and undersized. The Overboard ($40) solves both those problems by sporting a 20"x20" cutting surface made from end grain solid hardwood. At 2" thick, it weighs in at 15+ pounds and it looks better than similar, smaller boards we've seen selling in the $100 neighborhood.

  • Endo Clip

    The problem with kitchen magnets has always been the moving parts — the little springs and clasps that eventually break under the weight of too many delivery coupons. The Endo Clip ($10/3 Pack) fixes this by using a strong magnet with a "springy clippy action" that allows it to act like a clip with no moving parts. It holds up to a pound and comes in three colors, with three more coming soon. Take that, endless stacks of Pizza Hut ads.

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