Steak Button

Steak Button

Keep your rares and well dones in check with the Steak Button ($20/4-pack). Made from stainless steel and glass, these handy thermometers offer up an at-a-glance reading of whether the meat is rare, medium, or well done, letting you please even the most finicky of guests without the need to watch your grill like a hawk.

  • Stok Quatrro Grill

    Sure, you can buy a grill with a griddle, burner, and other stuff on the side, or you can buy a Stok Quatrro Grill ($350). This unique new design features a grate with two insert areas that let you transition from a standard grate to a griddle, vegetable tray, or pizza stone, keeping your side areas clear for plates, food, and other items. Other features include side shelf towel bars, internal spice racks, stainless steel and porcelain construction, a built-in temperature gauge, and an electric ignition, keeping that Aim n' Flame available for more... important purposes. [Thanks, Joel]

  • Smoker Box

    Did your gas grill arrive without the wood chip box you crave? Rectify the situation with the Smoker Box ($40). Made from heavy gauge stainless steel, it can be filled with a wide variety wood chips or herbs that sit in the bottom of the box while your meat sits on top of a perforated tray, ready to soak in the flavor. A must have for summer.

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