Stoli Hot Vodka

Don't confuse hot vodka for warm vodka — that's just gross. Instead, Stoli Hot Vodka ($TBA) is designed to trump normal pepper vodka by bringing some actual mouth-heat, thanks to the spicy jalapeño flavor that arrives on the tails of a hint of smoke. Now when you order your bloody mary "spicy as hell", the barkeep will actually have something worthwhile to mix with the tall glass of Sriracha he's making for you.

  • Medea Vodka

    And you thought your watch was blingin'. Medea Vodka ($40) is the world's first spirit to arrive in a programmable bottle that lets you display messages up to 255 characters in length across the "label", and thanks to a distillation process that pairs pure artesian water with centuries-old techniques, the vodka inside will be just as smooth as that "drink me" message you put on the outside.

  • Isfjord Vodka

    It's one thing to drink wine that's been aged for decades, and quite another to drink a spirit born from water that dates back millennia. Isfjord Vodka + Gin ($TBA) are hand-distilled five times with the world's purest natural water — sourced from the fjord of Ilulissat in Greenland — and mixed with juniper berries, bergamot, orange, angelica root, and cardemom in the case of the gin, and fine blonde wheat in the case of the vodka. Enjoy every drink like it's your last, since there's only so many icecaps left to melt. [via]

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