Stu's This Is Bloody Mary

It's not hard to find a place to get a bloody mary, but finding a good one? A far more difficult task. Apparently, so did the guys at Stu's, who you might know from their Spicy Garlic Pickles. The result is Stu's This Is Bloody Mary ($8). This powerful seasoning is designed to be used in concert with tomato juice and vodka to create a bold, flavorful drink that will send your celery stalk running for cover.

  • Mercy

    Unless you're a straight-edge teetotaler, odds are you're going to have a few drinks at least a few times a year. To help keep you from feeling like hell the next day, drink some Mercy ($12). Unlike normal sports drinks, Mercy offers up a specific, unique blend of amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins to help boost your body's natural defenses, eliminate free radicals and nasty by-products, all without caffeine.

  • Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Bottle

    Absolut's well-known bottle is one of the most iconic shapes in the liquor business, and this holiday season it's getting the recognition it deserves. Designed by the celebrated Swedish pair Magnus Skogsberg and Mimmi Smart, the Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Bottle is hand-blown, -cut, and -engraved using high-quality crystal from the Reijmyre glassworks, limited to just 800 individually numbered and signed pieces, and arrives in a handmade chest lined with pinstripe fabric — which inspired the bottle's design — along with two matching tumblers. Oh, and if the shiny clear style is too upbeat for you, there's the Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle ($10,000), which is basically the same thing, only black, and limited to just ten units.

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