Sun Table

Sun Table

Make your outdoor computing sessions last all day with the Sun Table ($2,200). This teak and stainless steel table features an integrated 64 Watt, unbreakable multicrystaline solar panel that powers a 12V output, which can be hooked to the included inverter to create 120V AC for laptops, TVs, and other electronics. A hinge lets you tilt the table's surface towards the sun for even more power, while built-in meters display the battery voltage and hours the table has been active. [Thanks, Jimmy]

  • iChime

    Sometimes we get our hands on a product that turns out to be more fun than we could have ever imagined. Such is the case with the iChime ($90). This customizable doorbell can be set to play any of the 50 or so included songs/sounds (everything from holiday music to a dog barking) or one of 6 custom recordings that you can change anytime. You can add custom sounds/songs with the built-in microphone or use the audio input jack to connect your iPod or PC. It's an easy two-wire replacement of your existing doorbell, and works with lighted and non-lighted buttons. You can also order an auxiliary speaker ($25) to hook up outside your door so guests can clearly hear your custom doorbell. The first two custom choices loaded onto our iChime? "The Imperial March" and "We'll do it live!"

  • Solatube

    Brighten up your dwelling and save some energy at the same time with Solatube ($TBD). Like a skylight you can use anywhere, the Solatube system captures the sun's natural light and sends it down a highly reflective tube into your living area. Since it draws no power, it also helps lower your energy costs, making your home more eco-friendly. The perfect way to celebrate Earth Day.

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