Super Soaker Arctic Shock

Super Soaker Arctic Shock

Summer isn't over just yet. To celebrate the remaining sunny days, get yourself a Super Soaker Arctic Shock ($10). This bad boy will annoy your friends and family way more than any other squirt gun available — it comes with an "Ice Core" tank that you freeze and then insert in to the main reservoir so you can shoot super cold water. It's also powerful — you can nail the screaming cowards from up to 35 feet away.

  • Marshmallow Shooter

    Just because you're all grown up and quite possibly have little hellions of your own doesn't mean you can't have your own toys. With a range of over 30 feet, the Marshmallow Shooter is perfect for those slow days at the office. It holds up to 20 marshmallows and also shoots foam pellets (20 included) for when that weird dude in the third cubicle down eats all the marshmallows off the floor.

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