Remember that crazy Sony dock that swiveled around, tracking faces and taking pictures while you chilled? Well, the Swivl ($160) is kinda like that, only it works with iOS devices, so it's useful to a helluva lot more people. Instead of tracking faces, the Swivl follows a paired marker, twisting side-to-side and tilting forwards and backwards to make sure you're in frame. It connects via Dock Connector to allow for remote control of the action, and also includes a tripod adapter, so you can use it with your existing pocket cam. Now if the photo's off, you've got someone else to blame.

  • DigiTech iPad Pedalboard

    Put the full power of an The Edge-style effects stack at the tip of your toes with the DigiTech iPad Pedalboard ($500). Combining a powerful iPad app that boasts 87 different adjustable pedals, 54 amps, and 26 cabinets with a physical case/interface that provides access to up to ten pedals, one amp, and one cabinet using nothing but your feet, the Pedalboard offers nearly endless creative possibilities. Technical specs include quarter-inch plugs for guitar input, amp and effect loops, output, and external footswitch control, with dedicated stereo XLR and headphone outputs, and even a USB port for audio streaming. And don't worry about stomping next to your iPad — just try not to stomp on it when things get rowdy.

  • PlugBug

    Tired of carrying both a MacBook charger and an iPad/iPhone/iPod charger in your bag every time you leave the house? So were the folks at Twelve South. The PlugBug ($35) is a brilliant solution to this problem, strapping onto your existing MacBook charger to give you a high-power charging port for your iDevice, while still providing the right amount of juice to your laptop, and leaving the second outlet open for other stuff, like your travel vaporizer camera.

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