Table Tennis Trainer

Table Tennis Trainer

Unless you've got Gump-like skills, odds are your ping pong game could use some work. That's where the Table Tennis Trainer ($150) comes in. Like a mini tennis ball machine, this handy gadget serves out a steady stream of hard plastic balls with one of three spin settings at a rate of 12 to 70 per minute, or so fast you'll be running on empty in no time.

  • Zeal Transcend GPS Goggle

    Ski trail smartphone access is great and all, but it's a little hard to look at Google Maps when you're flying down the hillside. The Zeal Transcend GPS Goggle ($400-$500) gets around this problem by mounting a micro LCD display right inside the goggles. In addition to showing real-time GPS data, the screen can also offer feedback like speed, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical distance travelled, total distance travelled, the temperature, and the time, all on a screen that appears to hang roughly six feet in front of you. Glove-friendly buttons and either a polarized or polarized and photochromic lens round out this alpine offering.

  • Indoor Golf Trainer

    Keep your game sharp during the off months with the Indoor Golf Trainer ($800). Consisting of a 1 1/2" tubular aluminum frame and a hand-woven heavyweight nylon net, the Trainer sets up and dismantles in less than five minutes thanks to a push-button locking system, gently rolls hit balls back to you thanks to the unique curve of the net, keeps your floor in good shape with foam-backed nylon turf, and keeps things in place thanks to included sandbags. Also included are two side barriers, which will hopefully keep you from destroying your home's interior with your nasty slice.

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