Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets

Filed under "We can't make this stuff up", these Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets ($90-$100) are a great way to liven up a day at the gun club without risking bodily injury. Life-sized and full of biodegradable matter, these gruesome three-dimensional targets "bleed" when you shoot them, and are great for target practice, Halloween events, or as cheap extras for your upcoming underground outbreak flick. [Scouted by Jeff]

  • Corter Leather Guitar Picks

    Perfect your picking with Corter Leather Guitar Picks ($10/5-pack). Crafted in the U.S. using firm hides, these 5oz thick picks offer a warmer tone than their plastic counterparts, can be tanned and oiled to a carmel brown if you'd like, and even mold to your grip a bit, letting you focus even more on your playing, whether you're holding an acoustic body or a 12-string axe.

  • Little Printer

    We've heard of personal publishing, but this is ridiculous. Little Printer ($259) is a tiny, friendly-looking thermal printer that connects to the cloud to bring you customized news updates from sources like the Guardian, Foursquare, Google, and Nike+, plus puzzles, weather updates, and other useful info, printed on a receipt-sized publication that prints on-demand when you press the button. Expect to see one on a bookshelf near you next year.

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