Tassimo Hot Beverage System

Tassimo Hot Beverage System

They say variety is the spice of life. Well, this product will definitely keep you from getting bored with the same drink every morning. The Tassimo Hot Beverage System ($170; available in October) makes coffee, tea, espresso, hot chocolate, and cappuccino and latte with real milk — all at the touch of a button. Using "T-DISCs" of precisely measured ingredients and barcode technology to optimize the brewing time, temp and amount of water, the system brews a perfect single cup at a time. Smart.

  • Corn Cob Cutter

    Yeah, summer is pretty much over, but some folks like to eat corn on the cob all year round. This handy Corn Cob Cutter ($2.50) lets you easily get the kernels off the cob and into your belly tons faster than using a knife — not to mention the benefit of not having most of the corn end up in your teeth.

  • Parrot Corkscrew

    We continue our household character fetish with the Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew ($TBA) from Alessandro Mendini (the same designer that created the awesome Anna G. corkscrew and tons of other cool stuff). Part of Alessi's new Fall/Winter collection, the pocket-sized corkscrew is made of polished varnished aluminum and comes with a serrated knife to cut through foil. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you can get him to hang out on your shoulder all night to open bottles at your command.

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