The Big Book O' Beer

The Big Book O' Beer

We love beer, and we’re guessing most of you probably enjoy a cup of suds every once in a while, so it only makes sense to showcase a book all about the beverage which we love. The Big Book o' Beer: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Greatest Beverage on Earth ($14) is a world-wide celebration of all things beer related — from scientific facts to beer recipes to geography. Plenty of pictures pay homage to the world’s beer culture, and you aren’t a real man unless you have an “Atlas of Beer” somewhere in your home.

  • The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

    For anyone that grew up reading the funny pages in the 80’s, the characters of Calvin and Hobbes are undeniably etched into our collective conscious. The Complete Calvin and Hobbes ($100, available Oct. 4) catalogs ten years of comic strip genius, and the introduction gives us insight into Bill Watterson’s struggles with the strip, including his fight to keep Calvin’s legacy from being reduced to the “boy who pees on things” stickers. A must have.

  • Crap Cars

    If you like most of the humor on Uncrate, then you probably share our love of discussing things that, well, suck really badly. Now there’s a coffee table book to help us along the way. Crap Cars by Richard Porter ($11) explores the world of cars that never even should have made it to the concept room — nevermind the showroom.

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