The Crib

The Crib

Whether you're looking for a backyard office, weekend cabin, or just want to reduce your ecological footprint, The Crib ($TBA) is a good choice. Designed for both flexibility and eco-friendliness, it is fabricated off-site and assembled where ever you desire. The three available models range from 315 sq. ft. of total area in the Basic model up to 650 sq. ft. in the Extended model, and can be outfitted with a hidden kitchen, a bathroom on the lower level, a 140 sq. ft. deck accessible via a glass and metal garage door, and a loft with either 60 sq. ft. or 120 sq. ft. of space.

  • The Dude's Bungalow

    Dude. Hey Marty. Dude, I, I finally, I got the uh, venue I wanted. Uh, I'm performing my dance quintet — you know, my cycle — at Crane Jackson's Fountain Street Theatre on Tuesday night, and well, I'd love it if you came and gave me notes. I'll be there man. Uh, Dude, uh, tomorrow's already the tenth. Far out.    Oh, oh, alright, okay. Just, uh, just slip the rent under my door.

    Own six historic one-bedroom Venice bungalows ($2,295,000), including one in which a famous rug really tied a room together, and create your own rent-free Lebowski village.

  • Archipod

    In need of a home office but out of space in your home to create an ideal work area? Well, if you don't mind working in a circular, seed-like structure, the Archipod ($40,000) could be just what you're looking for. This spherical workstation measures 12.5 feet in diameter and 8.25 feet high, with a steel-framed porthole window on the side for a view of the outdoors, a 6-foot diameter clear polycarbonate dome on top to let in fresh air on warm days, an integrated electric heater to keep things livable when it's cold, a locking gull-wing door for entrance, electrical outlets for connection of computers and other electronic necessities, and a smooth, fully plastered and painted white interior that features no visible joints and belies the earthy friendliness of its Western Red Cedar-shingled exterior.

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