The Harley-Davidson Book

If you thought the wildly popular Harley-Davidson image was confined only to the United States, you'd be very wrong. Even in Europe, the land of motorcycle racing and sport bikes, Harley enjoys a following as loyal as that in the US. From panheads to knuckleheads to shovelheads, choppers, EVOs, flat trackers and everything in between, The Harley-Davidson Book isn't just a photographic catalog of the bikes themselves, but the story of something that came to stand for things far bigger than anything on two wheels.

  • The Swiss Army Knife Book

    If you have a Swiss Army knife, chances are you know a little something about how to make it in the wild. But because we've been surrounded by an abundance of sophisticated and high-tech camping gear, we rarely need to use our bushcraft skills at the same level we used to. With renowned woodsman Felix Immler's The Swiss Army Knife Book, which details more than 60 different projects for explorers of all ages, you'll have more than enough material to fill a weekend carving utensils, building shelters, starting fires, and improvising using just a single tool.

  • Eat What You Watch

    The Big Kahuna Burger. Pigeon Pie. The Krabby Patty. Film and television are full of savory food moments. With his YouTube channel Binging with Babish, Andrew Rea has been recreating these iconic movie dishes in his Harlem kitchen for an audience of over one million subscribers. Now, the cinematic chef is expanding his passion for food and film with the cookbook Eat What You Watch. Like his videos, the pages are full of recipes from 40 cult films, satisfying both the foodies and film junkie in all of us.

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