Throwzini Wood Block

Throwzini Wood Block

Wooden chopping blocks are a familiar sight in any kitchen, and so are knife blocks that hold the cutlery. Now you can combine the two ideas and add a little bit of festive atmosphere with the Throwzini Wood Block ($TBD). The block is shaped just like the ladies who stand in front of the board during knife throwing shows, and there are magnets hidden under the surface of the wood that hold the knives close. This could have made several horror movie struggles a lot more interesting.

  • Whirlpool Polara Refrigerated Range

    While we prefer to cook when a group is over, sometimes you need to know that dinner will be ready when you get home. Rest assured, the Polara Refrigerated Range from Whirlpool ($1527) has your back. With it’s built-in refrigeration feature you can put your roast in the night before and know that it won’t go bad before it actually starts cooking. A word of warning though — owning this stove doesn’t make you a better cook, so get your butt in front of some Food network and start studying.

  • Tea Stick

    We love green tea, but we hate teabags — so the Tea Stick ($20) is the perfect sleek companion to our leaves. You simply place your tea in the bottom and slide down the cover, then drop it into some really hot water — just be sure not to drop the water on you. [via Cool Hunting]

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