Timex Vintage Field Army Watch

Timex Vintage Field Army Watch

We've been tempted by J.Crew's Timex Military Watch more than a handful of times, but we may finally have to bite the bullet with the Timex Vintage Field Army Watch ($150). This one replace's the Military Watch's black face with a lightly distressed off-white facia that's paired with an olive nylon strap, while maintaing the quartz analog movement, sturdy stainless steel case, and water resistance of the original. Yes, you're still paying more than a Benjamin for a Timex, but at least you won't find this one on clearance down at your local Walmart.

  • Skagen Titanium Mesh Strap Watch

    Sometimes mesh can be a bad thing — like when it's used in shirts worn by certain New Jersey residents — but used correctly, it can add a nice effect to an otherwise subdued surface, like, say, a metal watch strap. The Skagen Titanium Mesh Strap Watch ($145) is, as the name suggests, made from brushed titanium and offers a carbon-fiber detail on the face, a clasp closure, and — surprise! — a mesh strap.

  • Devon Tread 1 Watch

    We somehow suspect company founder Scott Devon was on the treadmill when he thought up the Devon Tread 1 Watch ($15,000). This innovative and slightly crazy timepiece uses a series of interwoven belts to express hours, minutes, and seconds with optical sensor-driven accuracy. The wide-open, super-tough crystal window, stainless steel case, and rechargeable lithium polymer battery round out this faux futuristic watch that's sure to garner more attention than Scott Baio ramping a Ferrari over a shark tank and into the brass section of the Stanford Marching Band.

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