Trak Kayak

Trak Kayak

Nevermind that it collapses down to fit into an included OGIO pack for travel — the biggest trick the Trak Kayak ($4,900) performs comes after it's put together. Using three hydraulic jacks, the Trak can add or reduce tension on its skin to allow you to shape the boat to your needs. Need maximum speed? Make it lie flat. Extra maneuverability? Bow the ends up. It can even bend left or right to combat crosswinds. Like a Transformer, but without the awesome alien weaponry. [via]

  • WRSI Hail Mary Throw Bag

    If you're planning on hitting the water this summer, stay safe with the WRSI Hail Mary Throw Bag ($30). Unlike most oblong bags, the Hail Mary is shaped like a football, so you can be more accurate when throwing it to someone in distress. In addition, it houses 51 ft. of floating polypropylene rope, and features a football-like texture and a drawcord closure.

  • Prowler Stealth Cam

    Need to get a shot of someone (or some thing) without their knowledge? The Prowler Stealth Cam ($450) is up to the task. Designed for hardcore hunters, it packs a 5 megapixel cam for daytime pics, and a 2 megapixel infrared-capable cam for black and white nighttime photos. Set to shoot on motion, it features an SD slot, 42 infrared emitters good out to 50ft., time, date, moon phase, and temperature stamp on each photo, and a video setting adjustable from 5 to 90 seconds.

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