Transparent Canoe-Kayak

Transparent Canoe-Kayak

You can check out all of the aquatic action going on beneath you with this unique hybrid canoe-kayak ($1,600). Its transparent hull — which is made of the same material as the cockpit canopies of fighter jets — lets you and a mate enjoy the underwater sights. The canoe has a lightweight anodized aluminum frame for easy transportation, and comes with two double-headed paddles, a water bailer and two flotation devices.

  • Watermat

    Most 20' x 6' rooms that sit above the water are expensive — after, real estate is all about location. Now you can have that same space on a platform above the water for less than you might think. The Watermat ($600) is a 20' x 6' mat made of closed-cell foam that weighs only 50 pounds and yet can hold up to 1500 pounds on the water. The mat is also double-sided for traction on the one side and sliding fun on the other.

  • Six Flags Banzai Falls Mega Racer

    With a name like that, you just know this thing is gonna be all kinds of fun. The ginormous blow-up water slide has a 22' long dual-lane setup that lets you and your drunk buddies your kids and their friends race down and splash into matching pools. The Banzai Falls Mega Racer ($400) comes with a heavy-duty 13" blower motor that inflates the slide in less than 3 minutes and provides constant air support — so you can kick back and enjoy the fact that you won't have to take the family to the waterpark this year.

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