Tyco Radio Controlled NSECT

Tyco Radio Controlled NSECT

Not all R/C toys have to be vehicles. The Tyco R/C N.S.E.C.T. ($100) is a radio-controlled bug that features eyes the change color based on what "mode" the toy is in, and a pincher-like claw in front that can grab items. The best part, though, is the "missile launcher" in the back that holds six foam missiles that can travel up
to 20 feet — far enough to keep your pets,
kids, or yourself entertained for hours.

  • Air Hogs Storm Launcher

    This radio-controlled vehicle has got to be one of the coolest toys of the summer. The Air Hogs Storm Launcher ($65) zooms at top speed over any surface, including water, pavement, sand, grass and snow. It can do all kinds of crazy jumps and stunts. Oh yeah, and it can fly. Talk about hours of fun. Check out this video of the Storm Launcher in action — it'll make you want to break out the Visa. [Thanks, Brian]

  • PodBrix 1984 Playset

    Being the Mac fans that we are, we've been patiently waiting for PodBrix to release another Apple-inspired Lego creation. The PodBrix 1984 Playset ($200; Aug. 2) is the artist's latest and most ambitious set yet. Inspired by the classic "1984" Super Bowl ad that introduced the Macintosh, the set contains 15 figures in all, including a detailed "runner" figure, 2 riot police figures, and 12 audience members. It also features an LED backlit movie screen displaying a "Big Brother" figure. If you think this is as sweet as we do, get ready to pony-up the cash tomorrow — there's only 100 available. [via]

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