Typhoon Nonstick Hot Wok

Typhoon Nonstick Hot Wok

Great for wannabe Asian chefs, the Typhoon Nonstick Hot Wok ($30) offers an asymmetrical shape that makes it easy to toss and turn food when stir-frying. Made of carbon steel with a nonstick finish, the wok also features a quick-heating flat bottom and an ergonomic stay-cool handle. Also pick up a Wok Utensil Set ($15) and some All-Natural Stir Fry Tea Oil ($17).

  • Instant Kitchen

    You've made it. You're in the big city, living the dream. In an apartment the size of a small bathroom. With no kitchen in sight. Enter the Hansen Living Instant Kitchen ($TBD). This all-in-one unit contains everything you need — oven, gas jets, electric power, refrigerator and sink. Installation involves wrangling it up two flights of narrow stairs and hooking it up to a water supply and plugging it into an electric outlet. [via]

  • Breville Die-Cast Smart Toaster

    Nevermind the sleek looks of the brushed metal housing on the Breville Die-Cast Smart Toaster (2-slice 130; 4-slice $180) — it's the internal smart chip that provides its beauty. The chip automatically lowers bread into the toasting slots at a touch, regulates toasting time, and facilitates the ultra-handy lift-and-look function and the subsequent "a bit more" setting. Meanwhile, the blue LED panels illuminate to the selected setting on the variable browning control, acting as a toasting progress indicator. Basically, if you burn your toast using this, you have only yourself to blame.

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