Uber Elevate

We've been promised flying cars for decades. Turns out they might be coming, just not with you behind the wheel. Uber Elevate is the rideshare company's initiative to move beyond the road and into the sky. Headed by new hire and longtime NASA engineer Mark Moore, the system will use vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft to carry passengers from place to place. Not meant to replace traditional airlines, the system is instead being designed for distances of 50-100 miles — just long enough to make a car ride unsavory, without necessitating a trip to the airport. While autonomous flight is the obvious goal, Moore says that human pilots will be relied upon when the service first comes online, hopefully within the next three years.

  • Ichelle Im 001 Drone

    Tesla designer Andrew Kim, along with his artist wife Michele Park, have launched a place online to share products and product concepts. One of the first concepts unveiled is the Ichelle Im 001 Drone, a modular drone beautifully designed by the Los Angeles-based couple. It's meant to be easy to maintain and use, with a detachable panoramic camera that can be mounted to the drone body or handle. The smooth, comfortable look and feel of the 001 give it a more approachable and almost friendly vibe.

  • Movie User Interfaces

    The Dark Knight. Kingsman. Skyfall. If you saw a decent action film in the last few years, odds are the interface was designed by the geniuses at Blind Ltd. From screens that serve as nothing more than background filler to shots that convey important plot information, they've become increasingly adept at making each interface unique to the world it inhabits, yet instantly familiar. For their latest project, they faced the challenge of making the screens, knobs, buttons, and blasters of Rogue One feel fresh, yet tie seamlessly in with the comparatively primitive creations of A New Hope released nearly 40 years earlier.

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