Uncrate 2.0

Gear. Style. Cars. Tech. Vices. Get your daily dose of it all with the Uncrate app. We've just released version 2.0, which sports a completely new design, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus optimization, and all kinds of under-the-hood improvements. New stuff is added every day for your perusal, and you also get quick access to your stashed items and magazine subscription. You're really missing out if our app isn't on your home screen.

  • Streaks

    We've all got things we'd like to do more often, like read, learn a new language, or just take better care of ourselves. Streaks gives you a little added motivation to do so. Like a fitness tracker for everyday life, it gives you six slots to fill with simple actions you'd like to become daily routines, covering everything from practicing an instrument to taking a photo. It integrates with the Health app, too, so you can still set fitness goals if you'd like, and has customizable reminder notifications to give you the extra push you need.

  • Google Photos

    Unlimited photo storage isn't new — plenty of other services offer it. Neither is automatic cloud backup. But like Gmail for your memories, Google Photos offers you both without sharing your secrets with the world. Using Google's scarily accurate machine learning, it automatically indexes your photos, picking out things like people, places, and things, making them completely searchable without needing to tag every damn shot. Add in support for 1080p movies, powerful integrated editing tools, and seamless sharing, and you've a strong incentive to sign up, especially considering it's free.

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