Uncrate x Blue Claw Co. Ping Pong Paddle Cover

If you take your ping pong sersiously, it's probably time you got a little paddle protection. As we generally eschew any colors beyond black or white, we asked Blue Claw Co. to make us a monochrome version of their paddle cover that would fit more with our "Ninja Assassin" persona at the table tennis club. The Uncrate x Blue Claw Co. Ping Pong Paddle Cover ($35) sports said all-black looks and is made in the USA with 15oz heavy canvas. The paddle cover also adds our signature orange ripstop lining, while a pouch on the back holds up to 3 balls (or a couple of those single-serving booze bottles).

  • DarkFin Gloves

    Although we're mostly made of water, humans are meant for living on dry land — hence our lack of webbed feet or hands. DarkFin Gloves fix half of this equation with a rear-webbed design that increases surface area by 70%, helps you tread water using less energy, and builds upper body strength. They're made from durable, flexible latex rubber, and are perfect for scuba diving, swimming, sky divers, or just freaking out your kids at bath time.

  • Trace Action Sport Monitor

    If you've always wanted a way to track, measure, and share everything you do on your skateboard, surfboard, or snowboard, look no further than the Trace Action Sport Monitor ($150). It uses a combination of GPS and inertial sensors to record tricks, map out runs, and provide tons of useful data that you can share with the included sport-specific apps for iOS or Android. This hockey-puck-like device is about the size of a peanut butter cup, and attaches to your board of choice with a rugged mount — it's also durable and waterproof, so it will stand up just about anything.

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