Undermountain House

Balancing on a small knoll in the Berkshires, the Undermountain House takes inspiration from the primitive architecture of the region. The extended single-story structure is clad in dark cypress planks and topped by a simple pitched roof. A stone base levels the house with a sloped hillside, allowing for the home to hover above the landscape. Between the two foundations, a rain garden made from large boulders keeps the elements off of the home by funneling water to a nearby pond. Internally, the home adopts an open floor plan, ending with a screened in porch with a fireplace that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Photos: Michael Moran / O'neill Rose Architects

  • Texas Bunkhouse

    Built as a getaway for a writer/director and his friends and family, this Texas Bunkhouse bends around the trees that dominated its plot, roughly 30 miles from Austin. As the trees dictated the home's shape, so too did they influence its vertically-oriented structure, with the full-length screened porch providing uninhibited views of the surrounding foliage. Inside there are open cots and a kitchen, as well as a single enclosed bedroom, two bathrooms, and an outdoor shower. The building is clad in multi-color stained cedar to blend into the landscape while lending a brick-like randomness, and the house sits on concrete piers above a dry creek bed, just steps from a nearby swimming pool.

    Photos: Panton Architect

  • Mirror Mirror Roof House

    Sitting above the rooftops in The Netherlands, the Mirror Mirror Roof House puts all other tree houses to shame. Like its name implies, the cubed roof extension is clad in a mirrored glass, reflecting the landscape around it and making it almost disappear into the background. The double-height interior is completely sheathed in sheets of natural pinewood, housing an office and a floating steel bedroom. Large openings on every wall not only allow in plenty of sunlight but also provide continuous views of the surround treetops. Not too shabby for a 12-year-old boy.

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